The Food Court is an artist-run initiative tucked away beneath the ever-expanding waterfront suburb of the Docklands.

A former fast food hub may seem like a strange choice for a multi-disciplinary art space, but this initiative put together by Renew Australia and Docklands Spaces has played a pivotal role in re-activating and re-inventing under-utilised areas of the Docklands.


Amie Anderson outside the Food Court in the Docklands

Artist Amie Anderson has been a co-director of the Food Court since its inception and prides herself on using the accessible space to foster a sense of community.

“I like to bring people together who maybe wouldn’t usually meet; maybe they work in a different art discipline or perhaps they’re an artist with a disability so they find it hard to connect with the wider arts community,” she says.

Anderson – a practicing artist and teacher at Yooralla Art Circle– has been involved with the Food Court for three years. During this time the space has housed a variety of events including runway shows, book launches and experimental sound art evenings.

In 2014 Anderson co-collaborated with another Food Court artist to bring Docklands residents together through Animate – an event that encouraged locals to meet by walking their pets together.

“Whilst re-imagining and re-configuring the public space of the Docklands, we encourage participation, community exchange and communication,” Anderson says.

 The Food Court is located at 427 Docklands Drive, Docklands and open Wed-Sun from 12-5pm.

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