If you’ve followed electronic pop/queercore artist Kt Spit thus far you’ll be aware her video clips are themselves a stand alone work of art.

Hope St is the first song Spit penned off her new release Combluotion, and it’s one that examines both depression and violence against women.

Spit said of the track:

Hope St is my favourite song I’ve written. I wrote the lyrics after a women had gone missing around the corner from my house and, unlike most violence against women, the press got really into it and everyone was watching the story and really hoping she would be found alive but she wasn’t.”

The dark themes of Hope St are certainly depicted perfectly in the video clip which also narrate Spit’s personal journey at the time.

“When I was making the video I was really sick and I had been for some time,” she says.

“I was in Berlin and I was supposed to be on tour but was just in bed the entire trip. Because of this I was really thinking a lot  about mortality and also the power dynamics in relationships where one person is strong and healthy and the other is not.

“I recalled a scene in Melancholia where Charlotte Gainsbourg is trying to get her severely depressed sister Kirsten Dunst into the bath and you can literally really see the weight of depression in her body and I thought ‘I want a whole dance to a song like that.’”

Watch Hope St

The video for the track was filmed in both Berlin and Australia, Spit engaging a performance artist to enact the dance scenes while her mother was featured afterwards to convey a symbol of beauty and hope.

“I shot the scene with my mum much later when I was home and had nearly finished the album,” Spit said. “The song was the first song I wrote on the album so it’s quite old now but I still have the same feeling as when I initially wrote it.  Beauty transcends youthEverything tries so hard to convince us that youth is beauty but I’ve known my mum to be very beautiful at any age. I wanted to try and look at myself in the future still alone and singing Hope St and see beauty in that.”

Combluotion is out now. For more info visit: https://ktspit.bandcamp.com

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